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Wing Hong (Xin Da)
Wing Hong (Xin Da)

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Wing Hong Mechanical Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of CNC versatile spring formers in Taiwan.

The machines are highly precise and controlled by professional computer program and advanced industrial servo system to synchronize each axis individually for 24 hours of accurate operation continuously.

XIN DA™ is a well-known trademark registered in 1996 to represent the best performance and reliability.

The machines adopt the industrial computers to control each axis under high speed and stable conditions. The control panel records user programs and provides the complete information of system operation via user-friendly interface screen which is allowed to monitor and adjust conveniently at all times by operator.

To produce a variety of springs in different application markets, the machines cooperate with auxiliary units such as manual pulse generator (MPG), single servo spinner, dual servo spinner, second hook station, servo cutter, servo rotary gripper, laser probe, gear reducer, swing device, resin-shield peeling device, punching device, single-end chamfering device, frequency heating device, etc. for easier setup and production of springs in precise dimensions and complicated shapes. For example, battery springs, double torsion springs, oval compression springs, extension springs, spiral springs and multi-shaped wire parts etc.

Proud to be the long-term and reliable partner of customers is our policy.

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