A big progress of software system for CNC spring formers

Reference production rate of clothespin in different solutions:
* 3.6ppm by CNC620W + SOL DOS System
* 4.0ppm by CNC1320W + SOL DOS System
* 13.2ppm by CNC1320W + XDM Windows System

Machine's tooling setup is the same, but the production rate is powered up more two times! It is a big progress by XDM Windows System which is in-house developed and presented by Wing Hong Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Wing Hong Mechanical Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of CNC versatile spring forming machines in Taiwan. XIN DA™ is a well-known trademark registered in 1996 to represent the best performance and quality. 

Three production lines of spring forming machines:
* 6-axis cam: CNC620, CNC620W, CNC635W, and CNC650W.
* 13-axis camless: CNC1320W and CNC1350W.
* X-shape motion: CNC25X and CNC42X.

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